White Rock beachfront merchants are open for business

March 22, 2017 3:47 pm

the vancouver sun

A group of White Rock’s beachfront merchants met recently with local commercial organizations to come up with ways to boost business along the seaside drive amid claims of tough times at the seaside destination.

The merchants met with the White Rock Business Improvement Association (BIA) and the South Surrey and White Rock Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 28. The slogan “The Drive is Alive” emerged from meeting, said Ernie Klassan, White Rock BIA president, and owner of Ashberry and Logan Floral Designers.

“It is not a ghost town,” Klassan told Postmedia News. “There are some issues that need to be addressed and that was really the purpose of the meeting.”

The meeting followed reports about a high number of vacancies on what used to be one of the region’s top seaside destinations. While some local stakeholders believe that elbow grease and consultation could produce remedies, commercial brokers blame the problem on the evolution of development and consumer habits in White Rock and South Surrey.

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