Mystery surrounds proposal to build Surrey outdoor stadium

October 11, 2017 1:34 pm

the vancouver sun

An as-yet-unnamed group has proposed to build an outdoor stadium on city-owned land in Surrey for a yet-to-be-identified pro team, said Coun. Bruce Hayne, rolling out a mystery as to who that might be.

It doesn’t appear to be either the B.C. Lions or the Vancouver Whitecaps as management of both teams, which play home games at B.C. Place Stadium now, expressed little knowledge of the proposed development.

However, Surrey has received an unsolicited bid from a group, Hayne said, though he declined to even name the sport in question, citing a non-disclosure agreement signed with the proponent.

But the city has opened a request for expressions of interest to see if other proponents are willing to put in competing bids for a stadium.

“It wasn’t of our own volition that we went out and said, ‘Gee, this is the time to test the market,’ ” Hayne said. “We had an unsolicited opportunity come to us and in order to do this properly, we put out this request for expressions of interest.”

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