Commercial Real Estate: Port Moody Centre looks to grow up, way up

March 16, 2017 5:09 pm

the vancouver sun

Port Moody has taken another step toward converting the lands around the new Moody Centre Evergreen Line station into a high-density hub with as many as four 40-storey towers.

City Staff have been building a roadmap to creating a new official community plan for the four-block section of Moody Centre set within Moody and St. John’s streets, the SkyTrain and CP Rail/West Coast Express rail line and Electric Ave. to the east.

The goal is to create a dense, more walkable transit hub with mixed-use residential and commercial towers similar to what is being built in Brentwood town centre in Burnaby and other regional transit development hubs.

The current official community plan for the area permits commercial and residential buildings of up to 12 storeys, accommodating up to 2,088 residents. But no such development has taken place and less than 20 residents now live in the zone, according to the city.

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